About us

Our field is mechanical engineering, specializing in metalworking.

We base on shorter delivery times and reliability of deliveries, thanks to which we have built above-standard relationships with our partners and customers.

Experience and practice have led us to develop several basic areas of activity and production that lead to the stability of the company as a whole, with an emphasis on precision metalworking for various industries from electrical, automotive, aerospace industry to components for CNC machines and more.

We offer our customers a very wide range and know-how of engineering activities in the field of CNC metalworking in the form of turning, milling, grinding, drilling and boring.

The long-term strategy of the company is constant innovation, streamlining and investment in new technologies from robotization to process digitization, including support and development of Industry 4.0.

As part of technological independence, the company focused on building its own technology and tool shop. In the tool shop, professionals in the field mainly focus on designing jigs and designing and implementing our own combined and special cemented carbide tools, robotic workstations and single-purpose machines.

What remains a matter of course is that quality is essential for us in all respects. The many years of experience of our employees and the involvement of customer requirements in individual processes are a guarantee of optimal solutions.

We deal with large-batch, small-batch as well as single-part metalworkingof all types of available materials.

We are a Czech family company with a tradition dating back to 1990. The company owns extensive production and storage facilities, which are divided into three separate buildings, where we machine parts for individual industries.

Our certificates include ISO 9001, ISO 14001, ISO/TS 16949, OHSAS 18001, AS 9100


Industry 4.0

The digital industry at Kovokon is based on three main pillars:

1) Production flexibility

Because our customers constantly change and adjust their requirements, high production flexibility is important to us. Our customers are looking for a partner who can adapt quickly. We have previously invested heavily in the integration of individual systems. One of these systems (Pharis) allowed us to connect most of our machinery to one control system and thus digitize work reporting and data collection directly from production, thanks to which we can change the production programme faster. Fast processing of orders has always been an important ability of Kovokon.


2) Planning efficiency

Due to the constant pressure to reduce delivery times, efficient planning is the second of the main pillars of Industry 4.0 at Kovokon. In 2016, we implemented a system for efficient production planning (APS Plantune), which allows us to increase the degree of control over the production programme and shorten the time we spend processing orders.


3) Automation & robotization

Robotization helps us reduce the unit prices of our products. In the past, the company’s investments were based on the financing of robotic workstations and advanced CNC centres. These technologies are an integral part of the Kovokon production programme.


Environmental responsibility

Protecting and caring for the environment is one of our priorities. We are not indifferent to the world we live in and we do everything we can to minimize the impact of our business on the environment. We strive to effectively use and minimize the consumption of energy and raw materials, reduce the burden on the environment and minimize the occurrence of emergency conditions.

Our employees strictly follow the rules that guarantee maximum care for the environment. Overviews of energy consumption and waste produced are monitored in detail and evaluated annually by the company’s management. All in accordance with applicable legislation.