Quality is essential for us in all respects.

We regularly invest in the renewal and expansion of measuring equipment.

To measure parts, we use eight CNC portal coordinate-controlled measuring machines, which represent the best of the CMM technology.

In addition to 3D measurement, we are also equipped with optical microscopes, roundness and distance measuring instruments and a wide range of utility meters including special gauges, which are regularly calibrated in an in-house or external accredited calibration laboratory.

Products of all divisions undergo a strict output inspection and, from each manufactured part (during single-part and prototype production), we create process documentation according to customer requirements.

As a support tool for quality system management, we use PALSTAT CAQ.


3D LK V 20.15.10measuring range 2000x1500x1000 mm
3D LK Integra 15.10.8measuring range 1500x1000x800 mm
3D LK V 10.7.6measuring range 1000x700x600 mm
3D LK G-90Cmeasuring range 1000x700x600 mm
3D Nikon Alterameasuring range 1000x1000x800 mm
3D Nikon Altomeasuring range 600x500x400 mm
3D ALTERA S-typemeasuring range 1500x1000x800 mm
3D Mitutoyo Crysta Apex V 7106measuring range 700x1000x600 mm
VICI MTL 850optical instrument for measuring shafts up to a length of 850 mm
Keyence microscope
Mitutoyo digital roughness gauges
Mitutoyo roundness measuring instrument
Trimos height gauges